Connection is just the beginning. Communication is everything.

Simplifi Lines makes advanced communication made simple.

Connection is just the beginning. Communication is everything.

Simplifi Lines makes advanced communication made simple.

Watch our Lines video

Watch our Lines video

Introducing Lines: Simplifi’s enterprise-grade VOiP based Unified Communications as a Service platform made simple

Lines is Simplifi’s enterprise-grade VOiP based UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platform made simple. Unlike any other UCaaS platform, Lines integrates with IoT control. Lines was designed to have all the back-end functionality IT personnel could want, using simple tools that give non-technical leaders control of their platforms and improve team performance. Lines is also far less expensive (70% on average) than tradition copper POTs lines so you can upgrade and save big.

How you talk over the phone matters.
Improve how you manage.

“Listeners Glean Emotions Better from Voice-Only Communications”

– Michael Kraus, Yale School of Management

Simplifi Lines

Landline replacement that works seamlessly with mobile and fixed handsets.

Softphone for Mobile and/or Desktop

Turn your smartphone or laptop into a 4-digit extension and supercharge your phone system. You can use our softphone or choose from many great third-party solutions.

Level up.
Lines + Control is better.

Take lines to the next leverl by adding Simplifi Control to your dashboard at any time. By adding Control, business owners can remain in control of their communications and operations from anywhere in the world, including the ability to:

Monitor and Manage all IoT products in one dashboard regardless of brand, including:

  • Set alarms and alerts and assign to specific team members and escalations
  • Control ingress and egress of facilities for all visitors and employees
  • And much more

Add Simplifi Connect for LTE back-up

When you switch to IP based phones, if you lose internet you lose your fixed phones. While you can configure to use cell phones to automatically back-up, you can back-up your internet with LTE failover.

Enterprise features


No license limit or capacity of extensions, with modular growth.

Leverage Infrastructure

Branch office video and voice communications use the network infrastructure

Reduce costs

VoIP service IP lines integration to reduce long distance and international costs

Virtual Solution

Simplifi Lines doesn’t require additional hardware modules to serve advanced functions

On-Premise Available

We offer both cloud and on-premise solutions


Additional Calling Modules including, Call Center, Access Control, Call Blast, Fax Server