Identify Your Connect Model

Understanding what Simplifi Connect model number you have

The Simplifi router has many variations to them which typically revolve around the hardware profile of the device itself. These variations are included in our Model Naming convention which can be found on the back of the device and on the box label.

Please use the below decoder to determine which variation you have.

Model Numbers

Model numbers can be found on the back of the device and on the box label.

Simplifi Connect (GEN2)

BS6425L – Second Generation Simplifi Router (Gen2)

— BS6425L-A – Second Generation Simplifi Router – Works with ATT & T-Mobile carriers 
— BS6425L-V – Second Generation Simplifi Router – Works with Verizon carrier
— BS6425L-AU – Second Generation Simplifi Router – Typically works in LATAM  
— BS6425L-E- Second Generation Simplifi Router – Typically works in Europe
** All Second Generation Routers have the same feature set, profile and instructions, the only difference is the carrier(s) and bands they support

Simplifi Connect (GEN1)

BS6220L-US-11 – First Generation Simplifi Router (Gen1)

Simplifi Remote Management Portal

Remote Management Portal

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